Facing the facts


A facelift is a type of cosmetic surgery used to give you a more youthful appearance.  It removes unwanted wrinkles and sagging by tightening the skin on the face.

Many people who are looking to dramatically transform their facial appearance may be interested in facelifts, only to be put off by an onslaught of horror stories and old wives’ tales regarding the procedure.

It is important to remember that facelifts have come a long way in the past few years and that there are many myths surrounding them. Busting these myths and equipping yourself with the facts will help you to have a more accurate idea of the procedure, and thus, be able to come to a more informed conclusion about whether or not it may be suitable for you.

The Myths

Fillers and Botox are the new “non-surgical” facelift

Yes and no. After a certain age, nothing can produce the results of an actual surgical facelift. However, the proper and skilled combination of Botox and fillers can certainly postpone the appearance of ageing in younger patients though it is important to realise that these results are not permanent and will require touch ups. For a more dramatic, longer lasting result, facelifts definitely win the battle here.

Facelift recovery takes months

Actually, recovery is more like a few weeks! In general, recovery time from a facelift is usually a mere two weeks. During your recovery time, you will be encouraged to rest, relax, and take care of yourself. If you follow your doctor’s instructions; you will experience recovery as quickly as possible.

Facelifts are for women

It is true that most facelift patients are indeed female, though this does not make the procedure off limits for men! Men who are interested in facelifts are able to undergo the procedure without a hitch! Facelift surgery can offer fantastic benefits for both men and women who are looking for a way to achieve a more youthful and natural-looking appearance. Male facelift patients can achieve improved definition to the chin and jaw, which is an added bonus for those concerned about having a more masculine looking profile.

Facelift results are permanent

While facelift results are most certainly long lasting; they are not completely permanent. Think of it this way: you will not always look 10 years younger than the day you had surgery for years to come. Instead, you will look 10 years younger than you are in calendar years, provided you know how to care for yourself. Time will continue to move forward, but you can make that facelift work with you as you age.

The Facts

Facelifts will indeed make you look younger

With modern Innovations, facelifts can appear completely natural. An experienced surgeon will be able to give you the look after without making you appear artificial.
After your face lift you will experience some swelling and some bruising, naturally there will be some discomfort after the procedure. Your doctor will prescribe medication to help you deal with any pain and the swelling and bruising should subside within 2 weeks.

Face lifts help to tighten the area around your face

They will also tighten the area around your neck and tighten jowls and jawline which sag as we age. Since these are the areas which are targeted by a face-lift the central area of the face usually does not see that much change after the procedure. Today’s specialists reposition the deep structures of the face to for amazing and long-lasting results, with patients looking five to 15 years younger for up to 10 years.

During a facelift, incisions are made to access the deep structural layer of the face and pull it to a higher, tighter position. The length of these incisions is directly related to two factors: the “size” of the facelift and the length of recovery. Not only do smaller incisions mean more minimal results (i.e., a less dramatic or noticeable overall change), they also mean less downtime thanks to reduced swelling and bruising. While larger incisions increase the recovery period, they also lead to a higher degree of lifting for a far more dramatic improvement to the lower face and neck.


What is a facelift?

A facelift describes a surgical procedure which rejuvenates the face and neck. It does not address the eyes and brows which require different procedures called blepharoplasty (eyelift) or browlift. A facelift improves not only the skin, but also the loose muscles and drooping fat in the face in order to last a long time and to look natural.

Is recovery from this type of surgery painful?

Some form of pain and discomfort should be expected after any type of surgery. Pain after a facelift can be managed by the medication your doctor will prescribe you as well as rest. If you follow your doctor’s instructions, your pain should be minimal and subside within a few weeks.

How long is the recovery after a facelift?

In general, the recovery time in roughly two weeks. Though the length of recovery will also be dependent on how large the incisions were during your procedure. The larger your incisions and the more dramatic your facelift, the longer your recovery time will be. Your doctor will be able to give you an accurate estimate based on your particular goals.

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